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Wellness Center Findlay, OH

Have you noticed your body starting to slow down as you age? At OsteoStrong,we're here to help you achieve a youthful, active, and healthy lifestyle which promotes strong bones and muscles to keep you going for years to come. Our professional staff provides a top-quality wellness center in Findlay, OH, and the surrounding communities which naturally heals your body without invasive surgery or harmful medication. Our facility uses patented technology to help our members stop and reverse osteoporosis, osteopenia, and associated issues like joint and back pain, loss of balance, nerve damage, and more. 

So what does a typical session look like? A trained technician will lead you through your weekly 15-minute visit at OsteoStrong to ensure you remain on track and help you navigate your session effortlessly. Your session begins and ends with the utilization of a full body vibration therapy to help you passively improve coordination, stimulate muscles, improve circulation, and increase metabolism. You will then perform four "trigger events" on our BioDensity equipment which is designed to help every individual reach their maximum endurance without causing discomfort, pain, or stiffness. The session ends with a 10-minute relaxing Hydromassage. The massage bed comes with a touch-screen control panel that allows you to adjust the settings enabling you to target problem areas with just one tap. HydroMassage uses cutting-edge technology to give you a custom water massage that covers every inch of your body.Although one weekly BioDensity session is recommended, you are encouraged to stop by on a regular basis(daily is preferred) to utilize the full body vibration plate to reap its many benefits. 

On average, our members increase strength by over 70% within a year and almost 300% in four years. In addition, according to published scientific research regular weekly users of the OsteoStrong session have increased their bone density by 16% annually with sessions lasting less than 15-minutes. OsteoStrong provides benefits to all individuals regardless of age or athletic ability and we offer a variety of memberships ranging from $50 – 89 per month to fit every budget. Please visit us for a free, no-obligation session to try it out before making any commitments. 

Now Offering Full and Chair Massages with our on Staff Massage Therapist!

We are located at 655 Fox Run Rd, E, Findlay, OH.

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